Broker and Title Streamlining

By Martin Gonzalez


My team implemented data-driven strategies to optimize process inefficiencies using the Lean Six Sigma framework. I identified a critical gap in a corporate process, sought my Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification, and as a side project endeavored to streamline the process. I organized and managed a tight-knit team which was responsible for this and other corporate process improvements. My team targeted broker management and title acquisition processes with the objectives to decrease cycle time of title review, leverage existing solutions, decrease non-productive time, and decrease broker expenses in Permian Basin broker work. The result is a highly intuitive digital warehousing solution which generated annual savings greater than $120 thousand.

Martin Gonzalez

Landman and Business Developer


I am a corporate landman and business developer with a passion for the energy industry. I believe in always learning, expanding, and building upon new and existing skill sets. I have a diverse professional background; I've generated hundreds of millions, saved hundreds of thousands, and streamlined corporate processes.